Thursday, April 10, 2003

Today was infrastructure and business stuff. The interns were tugin at the bit to get to work at the studio today. In between being the 'intern wrangler' I scheduled sessions, made conference calls, wrote budgets, and tried to open the Pro Tools files that Adamo (the band from Brian/College Station) sent to me. Those files kicked my a**!! Hopefully Zach will be able to get them to me soon, because of the tiny part I heard, I felt sure I could make the band happy.

We'll see. Can't wait to work with Kevin Ryan and Jeff Skiba tomorrow. I'm supposed to call pedal steel wunderkind, Steve Palousek (sp? sorry Steve), about playing on one of Jeff's songs once we take delivery of the songs from Kevin. I'm pumped about that.

Also, I've got a rehearsasl and studio time scheduled to begin work on four more songs with one of my favorite bands: Mark Needs A Chick. I started working with MNAC a couple of years ago. Mark is a gifted songwriter, and they rock muy bueno!!! We started walking down the path of powerpop flavored rock (my words, not theirs) last set, and this time I just have a feeling that we are going to really raise the bar by a long shot. We start rehearsals soon, so stay tuned for the progress reports!


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