Saturday, May 03, 2003

It�s a lonely night at the studio. I was supposed to be cutting vocals with Melanie Covington, but alas, the session cancelled due to her having a conflicting gig. SO. Here�s an opportunity to prepare for next week.

I�m going to do some pre mixing on Melanie�s song, �Thinking of You�. We are scheduled to mix on Tuesday. Kevin Ryan is doing some keyboard parts on the song, and he came by to pick up the Protools files just a few minutes ago. (His wife, Kristen, was with him, and she got the 50 cent tour). I am going to do a new guitar part on the song as well.

On Thursday, I will be mixing Jeff Skiba�s songs, so I think I�ll finish the editing on them as well. As a last minute addition, Kevin is putting some backing vocals on �Don�t Leave Me Hangin� On�.

Other stuff:

I need to write a budget for Craig Byrnes� project, and for Pale�s project. Now, truth be told, I don�t really enjoy sitting down to bust out a project budget, BUT it is a great opportunity to check my thinking about the mechanics of making the music happen.

Enough procrastination!


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