Saturday, May 17, 2003

Ok, here goes. I've had some computer problems which have kept me from posting, (Sorry Mike!). Hopefully this will make the trip.

Thursday night, The Southern Backtones finished tracking "Talk to Me" (1958!!) for the SugarHill Tribute CD. We started with a great track, and just added some extra 'events' -- harmony vocals, mandolin (which will be HEAVILY effected w/ Leslie and Echo), and wah wah ACOUSTIC guitar. It was Hank's job all they way, and we really kept him moving fast. Hank would come into the control room saying, "OK, that sucked,...I know I can do it better." To which I would reply, "No, no, no,...that was great and you just don't know it". Talk about role reversal!!!!!!! Me talking the artist into 'that's good enough'. Go figure.

When we listened to the playback at the end of the night, I was sure that we had all we needed and more. We are all of the opinion that we will 'mix with the mute button' to solidify the arrangement. HOWEVER>>>>>>> when I started listening to the track in the car, (my NEW car, btw,...a silver Ford ZX5 which is the total s**t), I felt the warm certainty of inspiration start filling me with two more high concept ideas for the intro, choruses, and outro of the song. I am not at liberty to divulge the specifics, (non-disclosure arrangement with my Muse, you understand), but I am going to try it out soon. We will be mixing in the second week of June! Heck yeah!

On a totally different note, I took the fam to see Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, & MXPX for 13yr old Joe Ann's birthday last night. MXPX's drummer was incredible, and they did this stunt where the guitarist and bassist threw their instruments to each other during the song from the extreme ends of the stage, caught em, and continued to play. Impressive! I didn't enjoy NFG that much, but Good Charlotte proved that they really can sing well and put on a good show. Joe Ann was so excited that she peed her pants, (literally). Ah, fatherhood.

I almost forgot!!! Kevin Ryan made the scene at the Backtones' session to deliver materials for our trip to Austin on Tuesday. It was great just to have him in the control room while tracking a band project.

Finally, Robbie Parrish and I discussed drum sounds and setup for the Mark Needs a Chick tracking session on Wednesday. We listened to AFI's latest record for inspiration.

I'm headed out to one final birthday event for Joe Ann, then off to Brenham Tx, tonight to jam with a friend! I can't wait to play.

thejammin' love,


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