Monday, September 15, 2003

Monday at the SugarHill and I am in a great place.

First, the news about my secret industry function last week. Christi and I were invited to a private showing of Beyonce's new movie, "The Fighting Temptations". Beyonce's management company, Music World Entertainment was putting on the show, and we were honored to be asked, SO we got gussied up, put on the dog, (so to speak), and hit the trendy theater.

Yeah, we got to see Beyonce, and we spoke to our favorite Music World buds, Beyonce's dad, Matthew Knowles, and Huy, (pronounced, 'we'), Nguyen who is the A&R Manager for Music World Music. Huy used to be an intern at SugarHill many moons ago. We were the proud parents. We also ran into Errol 'Poppi', one of Beyonce's track producers. Errol says he's making the move to LA. Good luck Errol!!! (he won't need it, cause he's the man).

As for the movie review, it was a fun flick, and Beyonce got to sing up a storm. Oh yeah, Cuba Gooding Jr. is pretty funny. Plot wise, it bears a bit of a resemblence to 'The Music Man.' The fun part was being in a theater with a bunch of audience members who were not afraid to speak their mind out loud and often during the movie. I am hoping that Dan Workman Music will be able to score some new work from Music World. (I'll keep you informed).

Sarah Sharp and I spent some time high-concepting our plan to record vocals on her album. We went to lunch and were served by the world's nicest International House of Pancakes waiter: Mario. Ask for him by name. Sarah and I are basically in a holding pattern while Kevin Ryan continues to 'cook the songs'. We did get to plan out how we are going to record the vocals, and I got Sarah to sing some of the songs a cappella for me so I could make a few decisions regarding vocal arrangement density. (She sang great).

I met with Eileen Faxas, her husband (& executive producer) Jorge, and their dog, Callie yesterday along with arranger/pianist Rainel Pino. Rainel is Cuban (like Eileen & Jorge), so the Spanish was flying thick and fast, (which I think is cool--who needs to listen to me, anyway?). I think that Rainel is going to arrange and get studio players for two of our songs. I am VERY happy that Rainel is working with us. He has the vibe and the chops to pull it off.

On a more personal note, Mark Ellis, frontman of Mark Needs a Chick, and I have a standing lunch date each Friday these days. I've always liked Mark a lot, and it is cool to have a relationship away from work with him.

Check the Photo Album and the Sound Board this week. (Logan wants me to put up some pictures of stars, so I'll rotate a few in).




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