Thursday, February 12, 2004

I was SO pumped watching the Grammy's earlier this week. Beyonce sounded totally killer on the opening number with Prince. It's hard to believe that when we started working together she was only 17 years old! Now she's won 5 Grammys, and she's still a nice person to boot. Those wins were very cool for me because she got to perform the title cut of her album, "Dangerously In Love", later in the show. THAT was a cool moment because I cut the vocals for that song, and played guitar on it as well. Short of getting a Grammy for engineering or producing, this is as big as it gets for someone in my line of work!

Funny thing happened. Monday morning, after the show, I came into work, and my platinum record award for my work on that record was delivered. Bonus!

On to new stuff. I had the last band rehearsal, and first vocal rehearsal with The Googe. I recorded the band rehearsal into ProTools while I was there, and I am playing around with arrangement ideas today. The vocal rehearsal was just a lot of me giving assignments, and Matt and Denise put up with my ideas quite well.

Southern Backtones rehearsals have been going great except for some occasional crises of confidence. I'm here to tell you that the band rocks, and the record is going to be extraordinery. Check out the psychadelic rehearsal shots in the photo album.

My computer spending spree has come to an end. I'm writing on my new G4 Powerbook, and it is the shiznit. Being able to record rehearsals, make written notes, and keep a photo archive, all in the same place, ROCKS.

I'm off to pack for Sound Breaking Ground rehearsal tonight.




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