Saturday, February 21, 2004

Sarah Sharp's CDs arrived via her dad, BJ, this week. They look super great. Somehow CDs always seem to sound better once the artwork is on 'em. I worked pretty hard trying to write a bio for Sarah to use, in fact, both Logan and I cranked one out yesterday. That type of writing is hard but satisfying. I'm not sure Sarah liked what I did, but I think my 'arty' bio has some legs.... we'll see.

Kevin Ryan finished the first orchestral arrangement for The Googe. Their song 'After All' is now an epic in the tradition of Van Dyke Parks (famous composer arranger,... look him up). Kevin's work, as usual, is simply breath-taking.

I went to two local shows last night. I saw Pale, who was doing a showcase for Universal and Hollywood records along with Silvertrip. I missed Silvertrip, but Steve Christensen, said they blew his mind (this is good). Pale, however, I was there for. I got in the club, checked in with Logan, and immediatley went to the front of the stage. (This is very rewarding because Pale always has a bunch of willowy-Goth-vixens who gyrate in dewey-eyed extasy over Calvin's sexy-but-aloof self. While I was in this carnal pit, Pale turned in a show that certainly blew my mind. I've GOT to work with these guys again soon. They just returned from a showcase in NYC, and the travel has made them more confident. They rock as hard as any band I have ever seen in my life. If they don't get signed, I'm going to have to get Sarah to teach them how to raise the serious cash to fund their own full length. BTW: the show was at the 19th Hole on Rayford Road at I 45 N. This venue is a great place to see a band.

Before I went to see the showcase, I stopped by a place that was new to me, Forgettaboutit. Sound Breaking Ground was headlining the show there, and it was the first time I have seen them live. We start cutting basics next month so the show was an opportunity for me to get some impressions. Chris the drummer, played way better than he has in rehearsal, so now I know what he can do. Michael the bassist rocks hard, and parties hard. Channing (lead vocals, front man) works the bar HARD, and Dave the guitarist, simply holds it down great. The thing I learned last night, was that Channing can sing really well when he's in the groove. Now it's up to me to set up the context in the studio to get that out of him (& Chris) while recording.

Logan and I have a lot to do to prepare for South by Southwest. I'll check in later with the details.

Now I've got to go wash the 'club smell' out of my cool pair of jeans...



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