Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Did you see the pop up window on the main page??? I cannot BELIEVE that I have a popup. In principle, they are annoying, and they are vaguely suggestive of an overly aggresive salesman in a bad suit.... HOWEVER, this one hails your atttention to this blog which is all about a killer show.

South By SouthWest is next week, and I am hosting a private showcase to celebrate the first major release of my new company, Dan Workman Music, and the release of Sarah Sharp's CD, "Fourth Person". This will be during SXSW week, at 3:30pm, Friday, March 19th, at Maggie Mae's on 6th Street in Austin, Tx. Sarah will be performing songs from her new CD with her band and some special guest musicians. My incredible co producer, Kevin Ryan, my intrepid PA Logan Bosemer, and I will be there. I don't have a long history of hosting parties, but this is special. Long time Studio Log readers already know how much I love Sarah's music, and how wonderful the journey was over the course of making this record. This showcase will be the opportunity to put faces to the names, rub elbows with people you will want to know, and hear some transcendent music.

If you want more details about the party, please contact Logan or I at the DWM office, www.info@danworkman.com . See you there!


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