Thursday, August 19, 2004

OK, I can procrastinate no longer.

I was in Alaska and it was indescribable. I saw brown bears scooping salmon out of a stream not 20 feet away from me. I got to walk right up to the side of a glacier,... so close I could smell the river of blue ice that stretched back up the mountian. I rode motorcycles so far off the beaten path that I actually used my GPS to see wtf I was. I saw bald eagles and their nests. I saw Puffin's dive underwater and fly (look'em up). I flew in a floatplane with my Dad and my brother to Geographic Harbour in the Kenai penninsula. I saw volcanoes and young mountain ranges. I saw it stay light until 11:30pm and then the sun rise around 4:45am. Pictures below.

But first, I'm working with Joyce Pierce getting ready to start singing in the studio. Same for Carolina Bedetta. Kevin Ryan is working on both of those projects and they sound really good. Winter Roberts has something of a special surprise in store for her (Kevin says he's being extra 'picky' on her next track). That Kevin. Dreadneck starts tracking tomorrow with John Griffin engineering, (yeah, THAT John Griffin). Brittany Driscoll (Avalon) and I are talking about another song or two and I'm songwriting with Houston's uber-film composer, Jeff Walton. I've got other irons in the fire as well.

I judged 'Project Popstar' last Sunday for Music World/Sanctuary, Destiny's Child's management company. I saw some pretty good singers. They are having a 'boot camp' for the winners. I'll be giving a lecture/demo on how to sing in the studio.

OK, here's Alaska with commentary:

Here we are on the float plane going out to see the bears. In case you wondered, the headphone mix sucked:

So dig it, here was home for two weeks:

Here's the planes we did the bear watching trip in:

Here's the bears!:

Here's my Dad, my brother Bill and I living it up:

Typical campsite:

Here's the moped guys, check out their site http//

Check out these flowers called Fireweed:

Until the next trip.....


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