Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sarah Sharp (had) SONG OF THE DAY on

I was going to go ride the Buffalo this morning (my ancient BMW motorcycle), but alas, the weather and other obligations conspired against me. Instead, I'm chillin' at Casa Producer, getting ready to hang up some Halloween lights for Christi.

Yesterday was the day that Sarah Sharp had the song of the day on
Garageband! (Doh! I should have posted yesterday, but I was running
too fast).

I'm really proud of Sarah, and our work together. I was driving out to see 54 Seconds play at the Sidecar Pub last night, and I slotted 'Fourth Person', Sarah's CD that is soon to be picked up for national distribution. I loved listening to it. It usually takes me about 6 months after I finish a project to be able to listen to it as a fan might hear it. That experience was really nice. Sarah's lyric and vocal performances, Kevin Ryan's incredible arrangements, and Steve Christensen's gorgeous
mixing, enraptured me for the 30 minute drive. Please log on and listen. The name of the song, aptly titled as regards this post, is "It's Too Late". (The link will still take you there).

I worked with the PopStar soloists yesterday to complete my individual
background/identity profiles, and we ended up each interview with some
quick song writing. I got three songs started! More will be revealed
next week when we actually start singing a bit in the studio.

I'm going to get started on the Halloween lights.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering that the stores have had xmas lights out for over a month, why not just skip ahead and put those up?

Glad yesterday went so well. I wish I could hear Sarah's music, but it's kinda hard when your speakers aren't hooked up to your 'puter.

Sorry you didn't get to go for a spin. It's nice to let your hair down and get some bugs in your teeth.

12:23 PM  

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