Sunday, October 03, 2004

SugarHill/DW Music/Essential Sound Cookout

About every 3-4 months, all of the sister businesses at 5626 Brock Street shut down and we party. Today was a great example of the gang getting their party on. I have been under the weather (again) so I left early--the party is still raging right now. The pictures below are super fresh:

My partner Andy was the cook:

Besides eating awesome barbeque, sausage, dirty rice, and burgers, (real and veggie), the big deal today was to play poker:

Steve obviously brought his game. Intimidation shades:

Christi had all a girl needed for a good time, hat, chair, and bugspray (oh, and beer and poker):

Christopher Meyers showing Jimmy James his favorite sharks. Good stuff:

OK, so you've read the site, and you know I'm partial to hand-held camera close ups. Today is no different:

Dan and Heba:

Dan and Jimmy James:

Dan and Leigh: (rare shot)

Dan and Master Designer tOny Endieveri:

Dan and Logan:

Dan and John Griffin:

Ok, no more me (sorry for the redundant imagry... )

DWM intern & my new writing partner, Jennifer and her killer guitarist bf & SugarHil intern, Jason:

Everyone kept asking where my daughter was. She had her first homecoming dance last night. She was on the couch recovering & dreaming about the slow dances. This is what her day looked like:

Back to work tomorrow, but for today, a fun time was had by all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see a single weiner in the pics. How disappointing. I'm assuming no luncheon meats were served either?

5:05 PM  
Blogger angreeblkcub said...

Hey Dan! Thanks for the warm welcome to Texas. :) Loved your comments to sexkitten as well. Will definitely be back to read more!
-the angreeblkcub ;-)

7:47 AM  

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