Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Coolest Place in the World

biglake, originally uploaded by producerboy.

OK. This is my favorite place to go. $10US to the person that can name the spot. Oopsy, we have a winner.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I worked with Joyce Pierce (ex 5th Dimension..."Up, Up and Away" & "Age of Aquarius") yesterday on her new gospel CD. Joyce is SO cool, and guess what, she is already working with Kevin, 'Mr Ubiquitous' Ryan as well as another arranger/composer who goes by the name of Gringo in Dallas.

Joyce is one of those people who radiate cool, clean, serenity. Her pipes are fantastic, and her songs are really great. I'm pumped and honored to be working with her.

The Backtones mastering is done, and although I haven't take delivery of the reference masters, I can report here that the record is as good as any that I have ever worked on, and just may be one the top 5. Ever. Strong words, but true.

Here are some cool pics that The Southern Backtones are considering for promo/CD art:
(All photos by Hank Schyma)

On another note, we got a great review in the Austin Chronicle today for Sarah Sharp's CD, it's short, sweet, to the point, and what's really cool is that the producers (Kevin & I) get some love!


Monday, July 19, 2004

Why is this man smiling?

grinnin, originally uploaded by producerboy.

guess what? I'm going to Alaska next week to ride motorcycles with my dad and brother, Bill. I am PUMPED!!

I met with Carolina & Joe & Kevin today to listen to Kevin's drafts for Carolina's songs. I loved them, and I hope that J & C did as well. The arrangments are beautiful and 'typical' Kevin in that they continue to reveal the depth of his songcraft & artistry.

Winter Roberts is on her way here to discuss song #2, which I am VERY excited about.

Tomorrow, I go over to Joyce Pierce's home for our first pre-production meeting. Joyce has a project underway and I have been tapped to produce the vocals and mix.

Dreadneck starts as soon as I return, and, Avalon is working on more material including a Christmas song. Wow! I'm overwhelmed. I SWEAR that I'm NOT going to book these projects back to back in the studio,....therefore I will avoid the big spring burn out I experienced in May and June.

I may not post here again until my return from the Yukon, but when I do the pictures will be sweet!