Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yamisse Guidry, Carolina Bedetta, and DWMusic Girls Gone Wild (sort of)

As I write this, my dear friend, and talented client, Carolina Bedetta should be arriving back in her home town in Argentina. Yes, we finished all the vocals for her CD, and yes, they are great! Carolina: I did the piano part that you and Bocha liked in 'W. to the J.' (I have to be sneaky about the title of the song because it should be a surprise!). I also did the guitar solo in 'Waiting For You'. Both turned out excellent. So, I'm a bit sad that my friend is so far away, but I am happy that she is home, and very happy that I will be working on her material for days to come. FYI: I'm going to be sending Carolina mp3's of the mixes for approval every day, along with phone calls to discuss the work. It will be my first trans-continental mixing session.

This morning, Ralz Mathias, Yamisse Guidry, and I met to review Ralz's incredible work on Yamisse's lyrics and melodies. At one point, Ralz had to get me to shut up. I was overly enthusiastic, and the coffee started talking! Anyway, Yamisse is going to sit with the lyrics and melodies over the weekend and report back on Monday.

It looks more and more like Ralz is going to join the production team for this effort. I love Ralz's work, and he is becoming a really good friend. I'll report back as to how his status as co-producer works out.

Here's Yamisse and Ralz:


There's this funny thing going on in the DWMusic Office. I have already reported about hiring Devon Mikeska to be Logan's second in command for the Artist Development division. When Logan popped the question about hiring her, I didn't realize at the time just HOW close she and Devon had become. To wit: Devon and Logan left the Houston Music Roundtable at the Volcano last Tuesday, and on Wednesday they both show up with matching nose piercings!!! Just so you know a) they both look super cute, and b) no, I DON'T have to get my nose pierced to keep up! HA!

I got a chance to see these two in Austin at SxSW and I must say that they have a great time together. How good? (You might ask?). Well a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Here's Devon and Logan AND intern Jaime tearing it up with Hollister Fracus at their gig last week: (Jaime, I thought you were going to be the sobering influence on these two,...):

It was Devon's birthday, and Jim asked her up on stage (not that she remembered any of it later):

The ParTay was joined by Hank from the Backtones. Here's Hank trying to keep up with the girls:

Devon and Jerry (bassist for Fracus):

Now you can see that Hollister Fracus whipped the DWMusic women into a frenzy of irresponsible behavior. But the REAL capper (for me at least) was that my wonderful wife, Christi, joined the crew late that night, and got her party on too! Here she is with Fracus manager, Aerik (coolest name in rock 'n roll), and Jim and Logan. Note that Logan looks like she might have met her match, party-picture-wise with Christi in the picture. (That's the little woman!)

Where was I? Well I was safe from the mahem in SugarHill's Studio B finishing vocals with Carolina.

So, Devon, what did you think of the show?:


Blogger Aerik said...

Hey Dan we sure missed you at the party :) Your ladies were very entertaining!

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took a double-take. Surely that wasn't PM making that obscene gesture with her fingers, was it? LOL Let's hope that there is not going to be a DVD hawked on late-night tv of the DWMusic Girls Gone Wild...

Sounds like you've been super-duper busy.

As 2nd in command, will she have executive orders? What sort of powers does she have? Can she set out your clothes for the day? Veto baggy jeans that don't show off your butt?

4:28 PM  
Blogger dan said...

Yeah, Aerik. I'm starting to find out JUST how interesting. You know, when I hired Logan, she listed her hobbies as knitting and playing bridge with the ladies. Just see what Hollister Fracus has done to her!!!!

--Anonymous: Yes, that's PM alright, sporting her normal punkrok self out at the bar. Devon has yet to comment on my pants. More will be revealed!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous jim from HF said...

my mohawk rules!!!! Logi and devil are quite the TOXIC TWINS. What the office must be like on a daily basis. All serious I'm sure... Cant wait to see you, and the rhinoplasty speared demons on the 8th, at the hole... All the luv, jim.... ps, your wife is way cool....

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Sobering Well typically I *am* good for that sort of thing, but these chicas have WAY too much fun. Actually it seems that they are the influencing ones. ;) Fun!

Also let's not forget that Hollister Fracus could whip Mary Poppins into a "frenzy of irresponsible behavior"!

I love these pictures - Devon rocked OUT!!!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Devon \m/ said...

Toxic Twins--now thats a new one.

Pants, what pants?

And I KNOW I am not being called DEVIL Mr. mohawk boy! ;)

6:12 PM  
Blogger dan said...

That would be MISTER Mr. Mohawk Boy, to you, Devil.

9:36 PM  

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