Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dotson Pics

First of all, the Mike Conde sessions are going sweetly. Steve has been an invaluable asset to the team as both engineer and co-producer. We have one song that is not exactly kicking our ass, but it is challenging our ability to channel what we know is ready to be born. The song's name is Daze (Days? I can't remember..) Like These. We are trying to create a tapestry of feedback orchestration along with traditional orchestral (and rock) elements. We haven't even gotten to that part yet due to some tuning issues on our tracks. One thing I do know about this song, is that it is going to the be total schiz-nit. Yesterday, my band, The SK-1 Project was playing at the Santamojo Festival, and I had a KILLER idea while playing onstage for Daze. I'm pumped and can't wait to try it. It's using the SK-1 with an overblown vocal sample to create JUST the 'roaming wooley mammoth' sound that's been in my head. More Will Be Revealed.

I just go through doing pre production edits for Trystan Layne rehearsal today. This is our tracking rehearsals for the two new songs we are doing together. (We have a 9AM studio date on Tuesday!!!). I've been in a long gestation phase on these songs. I got up early this morning, and slipped on the phones and did some drum editing on the old songs. Then I crafted some loops in Reason to cut with as click tracks. I'm looking forward to rehearsal today,.. oh, and I'm coming up with TONS of stuff to make the songs sound huge.... mostly those 'ghost parts' that I like to create with keys and guitars in the background.

My sessions with Anne Loo continue to be productive and fun. Anne is at the 'learning to produce herself' stage as regards her vocals, and I have decided to let her lead in this respect. She has a great ability to tell when she can do it better, and I have been wrong a couple of times in thinking that she has already done her best. Go Anne! Eric has been black boxing some sweet mandolin, backing vocal, and string parts, and I through in the ideas that I feel passionate about. I'm still not real used to having such a talented co-producer at my disposal, so I am still learning to get out of the way of Eric's strengths!

We have had Dennis Dotson and Paul English play some parts for us. Here are some great photos of the Dennis session:
We were fortunate to have John Griffin engineering for us while Steve was busy.

Dennis played trumpet and flugelhorn (which he hates because it's hard to play in tune..... but he is great at it anyway).

Here's Anne praying that the part comes out OK,... Dennis looks on skeptically....

Here's 'The Gang'. After all was said and done, Dennis played some awesome parts, and we had a ball. Thanks, Dennis.

Friday, November 03, 2006

SugarHill Celebrates 65 Years of Music