I've started recording five more songs with The Southern Backtones. We've weathered a line up change, (love you, Mike), and John, Hank, and Todd are bringing it in the studio. This is one of those projects that really feeds my soul. Thanks, guys, for continuing your journey with me. (Be sure to check them out on iTunes!)
These are some photos from TapeOp 2005--in New Orleans before NO was wiped off the map. The thumbnail photo is of me and Rupert Neve--the designer of some of the the most legendary audio recording equipment in the 20th century. The big picture (click on Rupert) is of Jason McKee and Steve Christensen and I sharing an intimate moment very late at night at some tiny bar......
Meet Maggie Walters. She is an incredible singer songwriter living in Austin. She already has an outstanding CD, but we are working on her next effort as I write. We are doing an interesting 'long distance' relationship, and I'm loving it. Maggie's music takes me on a cool journey every time I work on it. Look for tastes of the final product on the Soundboard in the near future.
Jennifer Grassman,.... We are working on an unusual, I hope, unique, Christmas CD (2006). Jennifer has trusted me to help create a brand new style of traditional, little known, and original Christmas Carols. Her piano playing and incredible voice are the backbone of the songs,.... my influence will be more sound sculpting and cool instrumental parts (think Radio Head does Goth Christmas---but with a positive spin!)
Even though we were spared Katrina, we had to prep the studio!!!!!!! Man am I grateful. It took about 2 days to power down the whole building. Here are a few shots of Studio B and Studio A.
My Carolito!!!! Carolina Bedetta is one of my best friends, AND a wonderful pop singer. You have to go to Argentina to see her in person, but you can check out one of her tunes on the Soundboard. Our time together working on her CD was one of the coolest experiences I have had as a producer. We wrote lyrics together over the 2004 holidays, to some awesome Kevin Ryan tracks. Google her!
Sarah, my Sarah Sharp. Sarah is out touring in a Geo Metro. She must have 200k on that car. Sarah embodies all of the most desirable qualities in an artist: true talent, an ability to be humble, a willingness to actually DO what ever it takes to succeed. (just ask her husband). My work with Sarah and Kevin Ryan continues to be a high water mark in my career. Look for big news concerning Sarah in the near future.