Sunday, March 23, 2003

I just finished mixing the two songs for Moses Guest and I am suprised how good I feel physically. Usually their mix sessions wear me out, but I am just happy and relaxed. 'Jackson' turned out to be simply incredible. I can't find the right supurlative--it could not have been better played, and therefore the mix went easy. 'Invictus' will be revisited at a later time, I think. The mix is great--good energy, but some of the performances didn't withstand the scrutiny. The band and I agree that we will listen and do some more work on it in the near future. The mix we have now is still very good, and we plan to use it to sweeten the pot for the label interest we have going.

It's a beautiful night, and I will enjoy riding my motorcycle home. All in all, a really great day.


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