Sunday, February 27, 2005

Joyce Pierce Mixes

Steve Christensen and I have been ensconced in SugarHill's Studio A for 5 days mixing the last 5 songs on Joyce Pierce's debut solo gospel CD, "24/7 Intimate Praise". The mixes have gone relatively easy, with a few computer glitches yesterday � we humbly asked the Mac G4/Protools Mix +3 system to do more than it was designed to do and were promptly denied, causing us to back up and re think the technical decisions of the mix.

The cool thing about mixing with Steve is that we seldom paint our selves into any corners that we can�t get out of, and Steve always has his head in the game as to how the song itself is working, not just the sound of the song.

For this final round of work, we have three Kevin Ryan recordings/arrangements and two by Shaun Green, of Dallas, Texas. The two arranger�s styles are radically different, but I feel that Joyce�s vocal performances, and the fact that she wrote both songs, brings the styles together.

Today we will finish Shaun�s arrangement of �Sacrificial Praise� after we close out the mix from the night before.

As always, the one constant in this project is Joyce�s love for the work, and her amazing voice. Once again, I am humbled by the talent in this production team, and I am honored to be one of the crew.


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