Friday, December 19, 2008

Jennifer Grassman Video Release

Many of you already know about Jennifer Grassman. She's my friend as well as one of the artists that I produce for TLM Productions. Ross Wells of Zenfilm, became interested in her song, Pretty Girls, after I started singing her praises. Mike Thompson of Ivory Tower Productions produced the song, and TLMP released the CD on which it appears: At the Back of the North Wind.

A legion of my friends and colleagues worked to make this happen. This includes Jennifer's family who sewed costumes, made props, and played parts in the film. There is a complete list of credits on the site that hosts the video. Major props to Jennifer for writing and performing such a compelling song, and to Ross who's vision and persistence brought the project to light.

Jennifer Grassman "Pretty Girls" Music Video from W. Ross Wells on Vimeo.


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