Thursday, March 27, 2003

Check out the article on Moses Guest in the Spring '03 issue of Texas Music Magazine.

We'll be remixing 'Invictus' next week. Graham and the guys want to pursue a different vision for the song, (no 'do-wop's, for a start), and I am ready to follow their lead. Maybe the 'do-wop' mix will make it to their Anthology IV CD, in the year 2023. Hah! I do love working this band.

Finished the day with another songwriting session with Donnie Vondra. Donnie carried me through the task incredibly well. We came up with a song called 'Let Love Find Me' and Donnie really put himself out there in that it was a very autobiographical song. I had arrangement ideas. Maybe I have country music songwriting chops? Not without a lot of help. Kevin Brandt has been looking over our shoulders while we write. (Thanks Kevin!) I can't wait to see what he thinks about this one.


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