Sunday, June 15, 2003

It's Father's Day!

This means that I've got a day off, and man, do I need it. Summer recording sessions and summer family stuff has my schedule packed!

Last night I took the fam. to see Mark Needs a Chick at Java Jazz. Their turnout was amazing, especially considering that the Chili Peppers were playing about 10 minutes away. They easily had 50 kids there. The band played a ferocious set, and in general, kicked major ass for about 50 minutes (one minute per fan?). I felt really proud watching Mark, Josh, and Andrew. They looked , sounded, and acted like total pro's. I cannot wait to work with them in the studio again, (so sell a TON of records, guys).

While we were there, we also saw the band, Next Best Thing, who just finished a CD with engineer John Griffin at SugarHill Studios. Their set was pretty impressive, as well. I can't wait to hear how John's mixes came out.

In other news, I cut vocal demos for songs for Donnie Vondra last weekend, (finally). We have been in long term pre production, for, well, a long time. I am beginning to wonder if my work with Donnie is in preparation for a next step with another producer. I know our vocal prepro has been great, but I'm beginning to suspect that Donnie needs one of Nashville's insiders to lift him up where he belongs. I have discussed this with him, and he always professes great confidence in our work, SO.... I'll keep doing what I know how to do.

I met with a band named Osirus this week. They are looking to make a better sounding record. They are unsigned and willing to nut up for the experience. They are pretty talented in the most important 'band ways', ie. their singer can sing quite well, and their songs are not bad at all--the arrangements are even pretty good. I am going to do a rehearsal with them to see what comes next. Most interesting is that they have a bass player named 'Chicken'. (I swear).

In other news, Kevin Ryan and I have had our last song/brainstorm session with Courtney Powers. Kevin has now gone off to his own studio to do what he does best: work his genius magic on his own turf, generating beautiful ideas recorded onto usable tracks. (More will be revealed).

I still have not finished Courtney's Production Agreement. My office finally was moved this week, and I am tired of the excuses I have offered up to the world at large regarding my lack of organization. (Sorry, Dick).

In other Workman/Ryan production news; Sarah Sharp leaves for a 3 week tour of the UK tomorrow. Good luck, and come back ready to do an album!!!!

Most painful to me still, is my latest Pale produciton report. We showed up Thursday to record the guitars. Calvin, Rob, and (not-really)-British Brian played great! Then I noticed some relative tuning issues caused by the guitars needing to be adjusted and intonated. I got over wanting to punish the guys for not taking care of that chore, and we persevered. Steve got some great sounds, going as far to use the wrong side of a Beyer ribbon mic (on purpose,.... well, mostly). When I reviewed our work, I found that we had spent most of the day cutting parts that sounded fined with their doubles, but did not stand up well with each other. Big relative tuning issues due to 1) my missing the obvious by not monitoring the whole mix more closely, and 2) the fact that the arrangement of both songs have a fairly 'narrow' melodic movement in the chords, with lots of unison guitar parts. SO....were going to cut 'em again!!! Whatever it takes. These songs rock, they are played well, and the band is incredible, so I'm going to make SURE that everything is right. I'll take the heat on this one.

Finally, Robbie Parrish, and Cyd Macname (sp), showed up with a singer/songwriter/homerecordist named John Calcagni from Akron, Ohio. He operates under the name, Poor Little Saturday, He is doing amazing things, and wants Robbie and I to produce a record for him. I am VERY excited by his work. His influences and instincts are SPOT ON, and he can sing very well. I don't know how this is going to work, but I hope it does because he is the real deal.

yet again, more will be revealed....


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