Wednesday, May 28, 2003

And in the end......

Mark completed his vocals yesterday for the latest batch of Mark Needs A Chick songs, and it went great. I know that Mark always leaves vocal sessions wishing he did better, but he did great,.....better than ever before. Most important, he followed my advice about taking care of his body and his voice, so he was able to sing a LOT longer than he had in the past. A friend of Mark's, Jeff Weathers, from the band, Ethan Durelle, (, came by to sing, (are you ready) DEATH METAL VOCALS,....well, death metal-ISH sounding vocals,....sort of. He was very aggresive sounding at the mic, but he was pretty cool to hang out with for the rest of the session.

Back to Mark. We ended the day with a big love fest including all band members, Jeff W., and Mark's super-cool parents, Jim and Sandra Ellis.

The end of the vocal session was not the end of my day, however. I picked up Steve Christensen, and we headed north of Houston to the Woodlands to rehearse Pale. We are slated to track their songs next week. I had already done a rehearsal with them, but this was the first time Steve, who is going to engineer the sessions, had heard the songs. THEY WERE KILLERS!!! We came up with some really crazy ideas about using our 5000 foot warehouse as a reverb chamber while we track. Undoubtedly, if it comes off well, then you will read all about it here.

In other production news, Sarah Sharp is in town doing preproduction with Kevin Ryan this afternoon. I can't wait to find out how that turns out. Finally, I got the budget approved to proceed with Courtney Visser's project. I am very keen to start the process on that one.

It's really my day off, so I'm out of here.

the love, none the less,



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