Thursday, July 24, 2003

Great News All the Way Around!!!

Ultramagg is getting some attention at Dreamworks!!! Pale and Mark Needs A Chick are getting attention at Hollywood Records!!

I haven't heard from Jason Jordan, but Jeff Price has let me know that the MiracleVersesMan crew is back from being on tour, and has, ostensibly, survived. I may have the opportunity to master their newest CD with them....I hope it works out.

The past two days have been really productive cutting vocals (and other crazy stuff) for Courtney Powers' CD. Kevin Ryan imposed his genius will upon us all today by wanting to do some 'ambient -- roomy percussion'. After I saw that Kevin was looking for something non-standard to bang on, we went out to the massive SugarHill warehouse and got a half-full plastic garbage can (the kind with two plastic wheels built in), and various metal doo-dads, and sundries. We brought them back to Studio B where an audience of the curious quickly formed to find out why Dan and Kevin were hauling trash INTO the building.

We mic'd the main room, then proceeded to play the 'percussion' in the control room with the door open into the studio. Kevin wowed us all with his garbage can technique. He was out of breath at the end of the cut, and did not ask for another pass(!) It sounded great, and Courtney and I were suitably impressed.

Courtney sang for hours on end today, and really impressed us with her tenacity. The girl can truly hang in there. She did some of her best work after an 8 hour day spent mostly on the mic!

Finally, Courtney's exec's OK'd the 'F' word. I'm glad I didn't stir up too much of a hornets' nest there. One more day to sing, (& play guitar for me), and then I edit, and we mix next week. WOO-HOO



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