Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Long absent from this page have been I. Much has been going on, mostly with Sarah Sharp, and new personnel at SugarHill Studios, and with my production company, which is now officially on the books as (drum roll), Dan Workman Music (trumpet flourish)!

Random thoughts:

Kevin Ryan and I will be finishing a song with Craig Byrnes next week--we're cutting vocals on Tuesday, and mixing on Thursday.

Jason Jordan (Esotype Records) needs a CD project. If you are not recording with me, I recommend him highly. If you need contact info, try

For those of you that have visited the Dan Workman Music office in the SugarHill Building, you know that my decor and furniture situation has been kinda sketchy at best. Well, you are in for a big suprise. Logan and I went furniture shopping yesterday and bought a 'fake elephant leather' (Christi's description) couch. It looks great, and it's presence threatens to bring the entire room in to compliance with order and harmony.

Speaking of Logan, she is working out really well. Besides being totally on top of my affairs, she is organizing all of my previous (lame) public relations attempts.

The SugarHill gang played paintball again this past Monday. The bruise factor was very high, and Steve Christensen reports that the predicted soreness came on a day later than last time. Is this progress? This time we played a team from a research lab. It was the lab geeks vs. the music nerds. There was no real clear victory, but the music guys didn't embarass themselves too badly. (We won, actually).

Now about Sarah, Kevin is off growing his arrangements. Soon we will have three songs nailed down enough to start vocal production. This is a very very cool project. I'm not up for writing too much about the process at this point for fear of queering the nascent vibe we are constructing, but this project should be INCREDIBLE. More will be revealed.

I just recieved word from Jason Minus that the local Buzz affiliate is playing Ultra Magg songs (plural!), and will have them as a featured guest this Sunday. 94.5 FM here in Houston.

Also, Avalon (whom I produced last year) is playing with the local rock band, Goddess. This should be very good. 9/6 at the Last Concert Cafe.

Ok, I promise not to ignore my blogging duties in the (near) future.

thelove -dan


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