Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I don't do this very often, but I had an early morning rehearsal, (11am), with The Handsomes this morning. They were pretty much set up and ready to go at 11, which is nothing short of amazing. Our rehearsal and palaver went very good. The Handsomes are enjoying a big surge of early band success in the SE Texas area fueled by their ska-influenced rock show which features mucho audience, (read 'girls gone wild'), participation. This band is different from other 'rave up boogie bands' in that they have tons of musical skill and band personality in reserve. It is my hope that I will be a part of capitalizing on their early spike in popularity. More will be revealed, but if you are in Texas and get a chance, go see The Handsomes.

Back to SugarHill and more vocal edits on Sarah Sharp. Next week's mix session looms closer and I am making good headway. I do this type of work well by myself, but I miss the camradery of Sarah and Kevin, et. al. being there just for the vibe and the good hang.

Tonight I will do a songwriting session with Val Holler. Val and I met once and seemed to be on the same wavelength. Tonight will further that relationship. Finally, I'm going to have sushi with Austin producer/musician, Carlos Sosa. Carlos and I met at a NARAS panel event in Houston last month. I've been introduced to his work, and I'm really impressed with his horn arranging and producing skills.




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