Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I just listened to my last 'audio blog' and I deleated it post haste! Man, I sounded like a self-absorbed uber nerd recounting the hollow victories he has to put up with until the undeserving world finally wakes up and realizes how truly important he has become!!!!!! Yuk!

In my defense, I had just come off of a six day mixing jag during which we finished Sarah Sharp's CD. So let me recount the four one one: LOOK OUT WORLD, SARAH SHARP IS A NAME THAT YOU WILL COME ACROSS WITH INCREASING FREQUENCY ONCE THIS WORK IS COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!! We are mastering with Scott Hull whose credits are impressive. Once we are finished I will post a song on the site. I'm really pumped! I'm still sort of afraid of talking too much about this as not to screw up the incredible momentum of this project. Let me just say that this project completes me in a way that I suspect might be totally unique in one's life. We made great art, and I think, an incredible product. To quote Sarah: (in a restrained voice) "I'm Excited".

Next on my list is the Southern Backtones. I will be producing 5 songs with Steve Christensen engineering. Besides having Hank, Todd, and Mike of the Backtones to inspire us, we have the additional pleasure of having another supurb engineer/producer in the mix--John Griffin, guitarist of the Backtones and SugarHill Staff Engineer. This is going to be really huge in that I have always wanted to produce the band, now I get to do it right with a really killer team of guys.

I went to Sound Breaking Ground's rehearsal last night, and it looks like I am going to ink a 3 song deal with them. We rehearsed in a cavernous warehouse/office space for a fastener (screw, nuts, bolts, etc) When I walked in, it sounded like I was backstage at a huge venue. These guys are going to be a cool band to work with. Very melodic and heavy with good vocals. The drummer is exceptional, but he is recovering from a work mishap that screwed up his left hand. (---Get well, Chris!)

This weekend, I am going to meet with Liz Pappademas, a singer songwriter in Austin, Texas. Liz captured my interest when I heard her submission to a NARAS songwriting contest. I met her briefly at the awards ceremony and she gave me a demo. I liked it, passed it to Kevin Ryan, and now we get to go to Austin to spend some time together discussing the possibilities. I seem to be making a big love connection in Austin with lots of new friends: engineer/producer Stuart Sullivan at Wire Recording in Austin, Bruce Huges, who plays in a ton of cool bands and with artists such as Bob Schneider and Stephen Bruton, and Carlos Sosa whose sax playing, horn arrangement and producing continue to knock me out. I had planned an extended stay in Austin on Saturday, but it looks like I have to come home early. I'm contemplating a motorcycle trip back to Austin the very next day to catch Bruce and Stephen play at the Saxon Pub with The Resentments. I'll see if I feel like playing 'road warrior'.

Still on the horizon are Arkansas singer/songwriter Kendall Triplett, Houston songwriter, Winter Roberts, The Handsomes, more songs with Pale (who are playing some shows in New York in a couple of weeks), world beat groove dogs, Dreadneck, and my next stop on the rehearsal tour-- The Googe.

The Googe have repeatedly stated that they want to do some 'orchestral rock' and I know Kevin Ryan is excited about writing & recording some orchestral rock arrangements. We rehearse on Thursday night and we should come to a business arrangement soon after that (I suspect).

(This is SO much better than my audio blogg..... not that I don't dig the opportunity to phone in my stuff,... just I have GOT to get on top of self producing my phone delivery.....)

Finally, Tony Endieveri came and took pictures for a whole day while Kevin, Sarah, Steve and I mixed in SugarHill's Studio A. The pictures are simply incredible, although I am not suprised, (he designed this site!). Tony, is a real talent. His ability to discern visual art in seemingly mundane surroundings is phenomenal. Thank you, Tony. I have your payment sitting in my office right now. So come on by! Everyone else, PLEASE check out Tony's incredible work. Contact him at .

OH YEAH,..... those of you who sent me EPK's to check out. Logan is trying to respond to each and every sender,... we are just overwhelmed at the number of responses. THANKS!!!!!!! Please be patient. We check out every one so it takes a while to catch up.




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