Monday, July 19, 2004

Why is this man smiling?

grinnin, originally uploaded by producerboy.

guess what? I'm going to Alaska next week to ride motorcycles with my dad and brother, Bill. I am PUMPED!!

I met with Carolina & Joe & Kevin today to listen to Kevin's drafts for Carolina's songs. I loved them, and I hope that J & C did as well. The arrangments are beautiful and 'typical' Kevin in that they continue to reveal the depth of his songcraft & artistry.

Winter Roberts is on her way here to discuss song #2, which I am VERY excited about.

Tomorrow, I go over to Joyce Pierce's home for our first pre-production meeting. Joyce has a project underway and I have been tapped to produce the vocals and mix.

Dreadneck starts as soon as I return, and, Avalon is working on more material including a Christmas song. Wow! I'm overwhelmed. I SWEAR that I'm NOT going to book these projects back to back in the studio,....therefore I will avoid the big spring burn out I experienced in May and June.

I may not post here again until my return from the Yukon, but when I do the pictures will be sweet!


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