Saturday, May 15, 2004

Steve got started on the SBG mix for 'This is Hell' early this morning. He was already good to go in Studio A because he had spent the previous three days mixing Prognosis (produced by Stephen MacDonald and engineered by our own Tim Wehrle). Steve got us HOOKED up crazy fast, so we got to spend time on creative mix massaging rather than stressing general presentation issues. The results were heard booming through the Heights as I drove home.

Highlight moments for the band resulted in the following Kudo's:

Channing for his 'hair trigger' rhythm-foul detection....
Chris for his presence (we've missed him)
Dave for his hard charging attitude, and
Michael for never hesitating to share his relentless self.

Now a funny thing happened last night. I was at Rudyards as mentioned in my log yesterday. The shows were very good, but just as I was leaving, I met Shawn Pander who is in town for a couple of days after completing a tour. I had to split, but I really wanted to get together and talk, so I got his number from him & was to call him this afternoon. Now, the last time I heard from Shawn, he had re-recorded and remixed a record I had done for him which is always a bit of an awkward situation, so I was I really looking forward to sitting down and talking and reestablishing the love, so to speak. Well, I popped out the phone to call him this afternoon, and there's no number, like, anywhere in the phone. Crap. I must have had a Freudian Finger Slip over the 'delete button'. The message he's likely to get from my not calling as promised is only going to make things worse! Shit!

I figured out that I could look him up on the net & I did get his manager's number and email & I placed the appropriate communiques there. Shawn, if you read this, drop me an email so we can connect.

Sarah Sharp and Moses Guest were on the bill at Rudz and Sarah rocked harder than I have ever heard her on an order of magnitude! Rick Thompson, from Moses Guest, sat in on her set playing keys and it drove the band, and her, to really crank it out. Moses Guest played some new material which I liked a lot, and they gave me one of their new DVDs which is awesome! Check out

Time to grab some family time (& some ZZZZ's) so I can be frosty for tomorrow.


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