Thursday, September 30, 2004

Carolina Bedetta

I've mentioned Carolina in this log for several months. Our tracks are ready, and we have dates to track vocals and mix during the first week of November. It feels like it's been forever in the making, but now it's time to go to work. Carolina is from Argentina, so expect a bit of South American flavor. The cool thing about Caro is that she is ready to be 'pushed'. She is not shy at all in asking me to get the best out of her performances. I'll be posting finished mixes before I know it.

I'm calling for a haircut right now, so just forget about giving me a bunch of grief about my 'do, ok?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. I won't comment on the hair. Perhaps it's best to wear a hat on those days? ;)

Can I comment on the shirt? Ever heard of a nifty invention called 'the iron'?

Just playing with you!!!

7:02 PM  

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