Thursday, November 11, 2004

San Antonio NARAS BOG & Mixer

Yesterday afternoon, I boarded Southwest Airlines flight 1151 to San Antonio to attend the monthly NARAS Board of Governers' meeting and a NARAS Member's Mixer right afterward. We stayed at the very cool (& new) Valencia Hotel on the river walk. This is the kind of 4/5 star place that has real linen hand towels at each sink in the restrooms! The food was wonderful, I made a lot of new business connections and had a great time while I traveled. Here's the shots of the day:

The meeting. That's trustee Terrry Lickona, and Texas Chapter President, Chris Bell with Texas Chapter staffer, Lucy Ransdell.

Here's some random shots of the event:

Like I mentioned above, the Valencia is a very cool hotel. Here are a couple of natural light shots that really show the vibe:

More random shots, Tex Chapter President, Chris Bell (tall guy) with attendee:

The guy standing up is Casey Monahan (spelling?) who runs the Texas Music Office in Austin. Casey tries to act tough, but he is the coolest!

Here is Wendy Morgan with Ramiro Burr. Ramiro is quite possibly the most powerful person in the Latin Music press in Texas.

My cab ride to the airport was really surreal. I was tired but happy:


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You look much better - well-rested. You feeling better?

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