Friday, March 11, 2005

Dan Workman Music Has New Faces!!!!!

I have been shamed repeatedly by Logan for not keeping current here about the Artist Development Division of the company.

First, and MOST IMPORTANT (are you reading this, Logie?) is the addition of our newest employee: Devon Mikeska.

Devon is an incredible addition to our tribe in that she is smart, articulate, fast on her feet with clients, and just a darn nice person. She has already proved herself to be a 'hard charger' (just like Logan). She is a real mover-and-shaker in the entertainment biz: she already has her own company producing video! Step Back!

Welcome Devon,... you're the schiz-nitty.

On other fronts: DWMusic has two new Artist Development clients: We have signed the John Evans Band, and Glenna Bell. Both of these artists were must-haves for me. John already is touring and doing radio promotion, and Glenna is a Texas-Treasure who simply moves through life leaving a trail of newly converted fans where ever she goes. True. Along with Sarah Sharp (international tour after SxSW), and The Southern Backtones (quickly becoming critic's darlings), we are blessed with the coolest roster I could hope for.

We have deals pending with Hollister Fracus and Joyce Pierce, but Logan threatens to quit if we take on any more. I guess Devon's going to be full time any day now.

Just so you'll know, our Artist Development division is still very young, and as a result we are limiting our clientelle to those who are already at a fairly high level of functionality in their careers (ie. regional if not national distribution, already have radio &/or booking agents, and are already touring regionally). We have been SUPER FLATTERED with tons of inquiries about becoming one of our clients. We hope to develop our business and influence so that we can 'grow' artists from an earlier point in their career. So don't feel left out if you aren't on the list,... hopefully we're paving the way to help you get on the band wagon as well! (Remember, we need to feed Devon, and Logan needs her car fixed!)



Blogger Aerik said...

HORNS UP to the crew at DWMusic! We'll see ya up in Austin this week.

Looking forward to meeting Devon and seeing if we can keep up with Logan (I am betting against that!).

10:31 AM  
Blogger dan said...

Dude, NOBODY can keep up with Logan. Wind her up and watch her go! See you there!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Rad! Devon, you rock.

See y'all thursday.

1:10 PM  

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