Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yamisse Vocals, Strange Attractions, and New Projects

Work proceeds apace on Yamisse's 3 song demo. We finished our second day of vocals yesterday, and are going to close it out on song 3 today. Yamisse is really starting to step up to the plate. She has entered the game at the top level and I think that she is starting to see ALL the possibilities of her voice. I can't wait to get into the studio with her today. It's a real privilege to see a young artist start to get it.
I have some pics to post of our vocal session, but alas!... they are in my camera and not on the comp.... so more later.

I did more song writing pre production with Erika Anderson on Thursday. I was woefully unprepared for our meeting, so we did some deep background on the song we are co-writing: "Not My Fault". As before, I really enjoyed Erika's vibe, and her willingness to jump into the deep end of her life and bring back some intense experiences to prime the song-writing pump.

Erika has a gah-ROO-vey purse with a big 'E' on it. Pictures were very necessary:

While we taking photos, Koffee (I hope I'm spelling this right) was leaving the studio with producer, Tahl, after mixing some really good songs with Steve Christensen. I noticed that HER purse was awesome as well (what's up with the purse sightings?). I had the camera, so I did what came natural:

Back to work: I have projects on the back burner for Htown singer songwriter, Pete Simple, more songs for The Googe, yet another female singer, Liz Laura, and John Wedergren. I've got more stuff on the back, back burner for the Fall. I'm doing keyboard parts on a song for John Evan's new album and I am working with Christine Wu on a piece we are writing for an art performance scheduled for next Fall.

SugarHill is in the midst of our strongest promotions run ever, and we are working very hard as a result. Heba Kadry is keeping us all very busy! (Way to go, Heba).

DWMusic is entering many new territories, some of which are still top-secret, but I can mention that we are developing a series of 'ala-carte' services in the artist support/development realm.

Oh yeah, and I have a family, too!!! More will be revealed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're just jealous. This is the female answer to penis envy. PURSE ENVY!!! (Not to mention all the mysterious shit we keep in there!)

I am still not convinced you weren't checking out someone's bewbies and not the purse.

9:11 AM  
Blogger dan said...

FYI: I carried a 'bag' for years after seeing guys do it in Europe. I finally tired of lugging so much crap around with me.

As to my motives & behaviors with my cute clients, my reputation is beyond reproach! (Really!)

10:43 AM  

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