Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Project with Anne Loo and Eric Jarvis

Today I had the honor of beginning a new project with Anne Loo. Anne is a song writer who writes in a distinctly '70's style'. Think Burt Bacharach, early 70's Dean Martin--velvety-voiced smoking crooners. Then add the Allman Brothers, add some horns then a splash of 2006 U2... That's our target. Cool, huh?

Riding shotgun with me on this production is Eric Jarvis. Eric is going to do most of the heavy lifting, instrumentally speaking. Eric and Anne and I will be playing all of the instruments, and we have a jazz ensemble of the highest calibre waiting in the wings to do our third song (70's torch/jazz).

Anne says she takes bad pictures, so I warmed up to the face shot gradually:

I'm trying to get in a 70's mood with my photos and such.

I'll report again after our next arranging session. We all had a ball. Eric, Anne, and I are definitly on the same page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your shirt clashes with the sofa. You should think about these things before posing... :P

One day, I dream of actually hearing your music. Maybe I'll figure out how to get my speakers working. Or maybe you'll release a "Best of Dan/StickMan/ProducerBoy" one day...


5:42 PM  

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