Friday, February 03, 2006

Film Mixing

I just spent a wonderful day mixing a film "William Tell" with my good friend & most excellent film composer, Jeff Walton. I'll report more soon, but Jeff is one of the best. I've always been grateful that he chose to stay in Houston instead of moving to LA. We finish up on Sunday.

click on the title for this post for Jeff's bio and credits.

In the meantime, Steve Christensen and I have been hired to mix a new Beyonce' song on Saturday. We get the tracks today. What a blessing to be mixing two such incredible artists back to back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was watching "Singles" today - one of my fave soundtracks of all time (next to "Grease", of course!)and was thinking about you and your film career.

*recalling your delightful home movie production of your summer vacay...

Hollywood is missing out on you. But then again, maybe we don't want to share you. And have your creativity stifled.

It must suck to be an artist with convictions AND bills.


2:46 PM  

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