Friday, April 21, 2006

Songs placed in new CNBC series: American Made

From the "so cool that I can barely write about" department:

Long time readers will remember my friend, and production client Sarah Sharp. Besides her career as a touring singer songwriter of international note, she also works as an independent music director for TV and Film.

She just placed 5 songs on the new CNBC series, American Made. That is cool all by itself, (Go Sarah!), BUT it get's better:

The songs were all recorded at SugarHill Studios, and were all produced by me. Even cooler is that I co-wrote two of them with my good friend and musical collaborator, Christine Wu.

Here's the line up:

The Southern Backtones
: "Lanugo"
Maggie Walters: "Cowboy" instrumental
Winter Wallace: "Holiday" instrumental
and then Christine Wu and I: "Afternoon" and "Darkest Night" which are instrumentals from the performance art piece entitled "String Theory" (to be performed in January, 2007).

I'm humbled and VERY thankful to Sarah.

On a related note, Maggie Walters is driving through Texas Spring time storms to perform with me on KPFT, 90.1 this afternoon. We'll be on the Radio Active Show at 2pm CST. If you can, check us out.

Maggie and I had THE most uneven performances and interview today. HUBRIS TIME FOR SURE. We did have a blast, though. It's always great playing live on the radio. You can check out just how we clunked out way through our tunes at this link.

Gotta run fill out those copyright and ASCAP forms!

OH, I haven't had a picture up for a while, so I'm including shots that are cool, but have nothing to do with the post. The one at the top is of my friend, Thomas Glass. Thomas is a badass painter. Christi and I had dinner with him at Heather Wagner's tres chic house last night.

Finally, here's a super cool fally-down house that I spied while on a motorcycle ride in the Texas Hill Country:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I don't have cable, won't be able to catch it. Maybe ONE day, I'll actually get to hear your tuneage. (I really don't want my only musical reference of your talents to be Destiny's Child)


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