Friday, April 27, 2007

Sara Hickman, Rocky Raccoon, and Walter

Sara Hickman came to Houston to do some songwriting with me this week. I met Sara while working for the Recording Academy's Board of Govenors. We hit it off, and found that we admired each other's work. We worked on 4 songs, two of which show great promise. I am excited and honored that Sara wanted to explore what we can do together. If our work goes well, she might be debuting one of the songs at the ACL festival in the Fall. Woot! While Sara was here, she sang backing vocals on one of Anne Loo's songs, I'm Leaving. Anne and I had a wonderful time working with Sara, and she added her cool mojo to the track.

Momma Raccoon decided to crawl into my office wall to have babies. When she left, she abandoned one of them, so Allen 'Raccoon Whisperer' Corneau (left) and Jimmi Jaymes Garlington (right) helped me knock a hole in the wall (behind my office) to get the tyke out of there. We named him Rocky, naturally, and took him to the SPCA who promised to ween him and release him into the wild (presumably away from our neighborhood). Good Luck, Rocky!

This is a picture of my dad, Walter Workman, during my most recent visit to see him in the hill country of central Texas. We both ride 1970's era BMW motorcycles, so we did what came natural and rode around the hills. My dad is one of my best friends, and most certainly my hero, so I thought I would include this picture of him and his bike.

Today I'm working on my Christmas CD with Jennifer Grassman. I have about 9 more songs to write arrangements for, and play on. Jennifer is one of my favorite female vocalists and is a close friend. The songs are coming out very well, so I'm going get back to work.

I just noticed that my 'writing voice' on today's blog is incredibly 'blah',.... I guess that I am saving my creative juices for the music.

(smiley emoticon),


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