Monday, July 03, 2006

My Inspiration

I'm at a Fourth of July Family Reunion (captials intended) at Lake Conroe, Tx with my extended family. With me is my Uncle Tom (Dr. Tom Murry II) from North Little Rock, Arkansas. Uncle Tom is a dentist, a KILLER fisherman, and a wonderful patriarch of our family, but most of all, he is a marvelous musician. Uncle Tom still plays cornet and trumpet, and it was his love of jazz that he shared with me at an early age that inspired to me to follow my own musical muse.

Uncle Tom was the first adult that spoke of music in terms that seemed very familiar to me. If I am doing any of this stuff right today, most of the credit for that goes to my Uncle Tom.

Thanks, Uncle Tom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you plan for your tshirt to match the sofa??? That's completely uncanny.

Uncle Tom sounds cool. Maybe your family can adopt me?


9:29 PM  

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