Monday, June 04, 2007

A Short Breather, KPFT INTERVIEW

Anne Loo's project is finished, except for the mastering. Wow. THAT was one hell of a ride. Thank you, Anne. And Brad, and Peter, and Hannah. And Steve, and Eric, and Matt, and Paul, and Dennis, and Max, and Rick, and Jose Miguel. The music is amazing, and the journey was one that will mark the past year and a half in a wonderful way. If it's ok with Anne, I'll post some of the music on this site after it's mastered. I hope that everyone reading this gets to hear Anne's amazing songs.

Right now, I'm getting ready to record a TWO CD SET for Ken Valentino's Contraband. John Griffin is going to engineer, and I am very excited with the rehearsals. We're going to do a cover song CD, and an original song CD. Both will be very original. I'll write more about that project soon.

I'm making great headway on Jennifer Grassman's Christmas CD. I'm about half way through the writing and arranging and recording and mixing (whew) of what will also be a two CD set. (What the HELL am I thinking with all of these double CD's,... I am grateful for the work).

I'm also working on Sara Hickman's arrangments, (but don't tell her,.. it's a surprise), and Kevin Ryan and I are getting started working with Sarah Sharp's (the original Sarah) band on arrangements for her new CD.

Even though I have all of that going on, I'm considering this to be a bit of downtime for me. I'm getting ready to go to the annual Tape Op Conference in Tucson on Thursday. Allen Corneau will fly up there with me. I'm honored with the task of moderating the mastering panel this year, and I'm pumped about that. Christine Wu will be joining us on Friday as she wings it over from LA to do the Tape Op hang for the first time.

Today I was a guest on the local Pacifia affiliate, KPFT 90.1. The show was the Living Arts show. The format of the show is to interview artists and discuss their work. This was exciting for me because I usually am interviewed about my work in support of the artist I'm working with. This time I was the artist in question. Check this link for the show.

I'm the second guest, and I got a whopping 35 minutes of the show. I played Kawasaki Green, by the SK-1 Project, Anne Loo's Perfect Rainy Day, and part of Christine Wu's and my composition, Darkest Night at the end of the show. During the rest of the time I waxed prolific on all sorts of topics ranging from the state of the music industry (local and international), as well as iPods vs. LP's (those old big black CD things that played with a needle). It was a TON of fun.

Finally, in this multimedia age, I made an avant garde video resume for a performance art piece in NYC. The video is mostly a delivery system for the music, but I had a good time doing it. I found it to be a BRUTAL experience to edit footage of my face. ROUGH! The music is all stuff that I have produced, performed, composed, or mixed. You can check it out below thanks to youtube. Woot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about damn time we get an update, Mr. Musical Engineering Superstar.

Moderating a panel. Aren't you a big shot! A 35 minute radio interview? Very impressive.

What was the silliest 'promotional item' you saw from the exhibitors?

Sending you "the love" back at cha.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

what a cool video! an awesome idea. and the radio show was, of course, awesome. one thing that i really like is when you were talking about how country artists used to always guest on each others albums and that's what rap and r&b does now and how we really lost that vibe in rock and country. no worries. kenneth and i are on it ;-)


12:07 AM  

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