Monday, January 12, 2009

Live From SugarHill available on iTunes

Live From SugarHill is now available as a subscription podcast on iTunes. It's also available on Vimeo.

And Crackle.

We're refining the show, and look forward to our next broadcast. We are going to incorporate some fun components into the show, as well as tweak the flow of the proceedings. The word from ecsLIVE is that login for the show should be GREATLY improved. We're still going to be audio-only for the February 5 broadcast, but the next show should be a full audio/video stream. For now, the video edit should be up in the week after the show.

By the way, ALL of what you are hearing about LFSH is being generated and orchestrated by Ross Wells of zenfilm. This is no small task. Ross playes the web like a fine instrument. We could not have a better webmeister than Ross. "Thank you" doesn't cut it, but Thank YOU, Ross' does get us started.


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