Wednesday, April 02, 2003

It's been a few days since I've written. I've been busy with a tech day here at SugarHill, working with the guys and gals getting Studio A all aligned and working.

Today we remixed 'Invictus' and Jeremy, Graham, and I got it sounding great. We just tweeked the way the snare and bass worked and then cut a lot of parts out,.....sort of arrangement by mute button. Much to our suprise, it really opened the song up. Usually Moses Guest arrangements are 'played into the song', but with 'Invictus' we went the Pop Song route of trimming away the fat to reveal the soul of the song. Dan Johnson was MVP--he came in early and redid the whole pedal steel part, (except for the solo), with his new cool(er) pedal steel. It was quick and easy. Way to go Dan Johnson!

Finally, I got a call from Tim Plant about producing 2 songs for Pale. Now I have been watching Pale for over 4 years, and I am super pumped and flattered that they would want to work with me. Steve Christensen would be engineering, which of course is my current dream team, anyway. We will be meeting next Thursday, and I can't wait to hear the tunes they have in mind.

Tomorrow I will master the two Moses Guest tunes with my favorite new mastering engineer, Allen Corneau. Then I'm off to Austin to visit (and maybe songwrite with) Sarah Sharp. We are going to have lunch Friday with Michael Ramos at his home near Austin, and hear what he's been recording lately. Michael is a truely gifted keyboardist who plays with & occasionally produces Patti Griffin, and also plays in John Melloncamp's road band. It will be a real treat to share music with Michael!


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