Friday, April 18, 2003

So Much to Report!!! I�m finding that if you don�t �blog� every couple of days it can get overwhelming!!! No more procrastinating, here�s what�s up in Dan-the-Producer-ville:

First off, Kevin Ryan is delivering Jeff Skiba�s songs on Protools momentarily. This is great news because Jeff and I start vocal session next Tuesday. As soon as we have vocals, we are sending one song off to Steve Palousek (ready Steve?) for pedal steel. I predict that we will mix within three weeks.

Kevin has also started a killer arrangement of Craig Byrnes song, �Blue Day�. This is going to be a really good rock song with pop song structure to flesh it out (go Kevin).
While working on Craig�s song, Kevin and I got a chance to see the DVD documentary of Wilco making �Yankee Hotel Foxtrot�. This film is a MUST SEE for a) anyone involved in making band records, and b) big Wilco fans. I am currently so inspired by Kevin�s work that I am going to be doing some songwriting with him myself(!) This will have to wait because Kevin is off to England to finish research on his book about the engineers who worked at Abbey Road Studios during the Beatles� hiatus The tentative title of the book is, �Recording the Beatles�, ( Be advised, this book is the holy grail of information on the �white lab coat-guys� at Abbey Road. These are the engineers that actually set up the gear for the Beatles� recording and mixing sessions. You heard it here first, (maybe).

Ok, enough Kevin Ryan cheering. On to Adamo. I finally made it up to College Station to meet with Zach Sloan in his home(studio). We spent the morning listening to tracks and talking about their record. I have GOT to mix this album. The only thing better would to be recording it with them right this moment. Adamo the band can play, the songs sound great, the singer can sing, (did I mention their tempo is amazing), and oh yeah, their tracks sound well recorded. Hopefully Zach and I can get our file transfer issues settled, our business in order, and start planning those mix sessions. I am hoping that I can at least go hang out during a recording session before we mix.

Finally, Sarah Sharp continues to put herself and her music out there. She has been busy meeting people, playing gigs, doing some writing with Michael Ramos, and working on new songs. Sarah is an artist who shares my passion for staying focused, busy, and making stuff happen!

OH YEAH, Hollywood Records is very interested in Ultramagg, they have requested more pictures. Does this mean they like the music?!! I think so!


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