Thursday, September 04, 2003

Finished vocals on Craig Byrnes' song 'Fight This Time' yesterday. Craig
sang for 5 hours straight and sounded suprisingly consistant over the entire
time. We got a good vocal take down, and I mix tomorrow.

Kevin Ryan, Sarah Sharp and I kibbizted today and the progress is good.
Kevin is incubating some great music and Sarah and I are about to start work on
vocal arrangements. We have kicked around the idea of recording a live
string section for a song entitled, 'Time Capsule'. The string part is
amazing already, and Kevin is pulling out the stops on getting the score

I heard from Graham Guest today. Moses Guest is back from their August tour and there is
talk of doing some more work together. Needless to say, I'm pumped about

In the 'You Will Only Read It Here' category:

I won the Houston Press Music Award for Best Producer of 2003. "Where is
the link to the article so I can read all about it?", you might wonder.
Well, there is none.

It's like this: I found out about winning when a friend called me while I
was vacationing in Lake Catherine, Arkansas last month. He told me he was
at the awards show and they had just announced that I had won
the category, but nobody was there to accept for me. I was thrilled, then
baffled that I was not notified in advance.

When I got home, there was no message from the press waiting for me, so I
just waited two days for the Music Awards issue to come out. The issue was
published and guess what, every winner was given a short story EXCEPT ME. I
wrote the editor asking what was up, and he called me personally to say that
he was sorry--that he had edited the article with last years' category list
and that there was no 'Producer of the Year' category then, so he sort of
forgot it this year. Hmmmm. I understood him to say that it would be
published in the next issue, but (you guessed it), NADA.

So, there you have it. I was thrilled to win, but baffled at the
(accidental?) lack of love by the Press. But now you know!



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