Sunday, February 01, 2004

I'm in gear acquisition mode, and OMG!, what a precarious balance between $$fear$$, and 'the business gotta have it'. I bought a Powerbook G4, and it's hard drive imploded in the first evening. Got another one on the way, though. I'm buying an MBox to record my rehearsals with (yes, Kevin, to a click, I promise!!!), and I am toying around with buying a USB keyboard M Audio 49, or Oxygen so I can play with the cool samples. It will be great to be able to do vocal edits, guitar parts, and keyboard overdubs, even when the rooms at the studio are booked. Kevin suggested that I could do vocal edits in the john if I wanted, which merely pointed out the need for solid work/home boundries, (and Kevin's ability to discern what's possible, even if it's ill advised).

The artwork is done for Sarah's record, now officially titled, 'Fourth Person', and it looks incredible. I'll have to ask if I can post the cover before it's release. I'm sure there is some chatter on Sarah's site;

For those of you that read the email I published, from Brendan Ess, the final installment of that thread is included here for your consideration.


On 1/31/04 7:35 PM, "brendan ess" wrote:

i love the way i make my music. but lately, i've been looking at things like
propellerheads 'reason' (yes! i've been considering reason . . hehe . . a
joke.) and protools. they're amazing programs! i need to decide whether or
not i should continue what i've been doing now that i'm so damned good at it
. . when there are such easier ways . .

>>>my reply:

You just described my normal state of ?creative tension? with the comment above. We make music with the tools at hand, (for me, my first years were a Fostex cassette four track, and an old PA mixer). When I stepped up to a better mixer (way before computer software), I had to totally recreate some of my normal tool routines which interrupted my normal, somewhat subliminal, flow between my heart, mind, and my music. Some new tools invite me to explore new territory, some ask me to meet them half way and experiment to see if they will enhance the manifestation of my vision, or not. Most new tools do not offer enough information to suggest how they might be worth the learning curve investment to even try. (That said, I still LOVE to experiment,.... And one of the advantages of doing this for a living is that I have a lot of people who turn me onto what?s working for them.

>>I asked Brendan: "What is YOUR vision that requires recording and mixing as you describe?"

B's reply--> My vision, to hear music the way i want to hear it, is to make it the
way i want to make it. <--

>>DW:Good Answer.

when i'm finished . . that is when i'll be able to determine whether or not
my mixing technique has had an effect on it's 'originality' or not . . but
i'm beginning to think it won't as much i had thought.

DW: (imagine non-condecending but wise-non-the-less tone of voice):

This is also a very familiar spot for me. As an engineer, I give myself permission to 'fall in and out of love' with certain techniques, mics, preamps, etc. Because what I do is an artist process (instead of just a technical one), I follow my heart a lot in my decisions as to what sounds right in a certain situation. I am always fascinated about how the outcomes of these different decisions still sound like 'my stuff' at the end of the mix. Go Figure.

>>Brendan: you may want to tell me 'hey brendan thats great! follow your dreams! good
luck and godspeed!'

>>DW:How about this instead; I have REALLY enjoyed the exchange, (oh yeah, btw: Thrill Kill Cult is the shiznit), and I am super glad you are doing your thing. If you post any of your work, PLEASE send it to me so I can hear the results of the process you have been generous enough to let me in on. You seem articulate, and considered in your writing, and I am inclined to believe you are one of the people who ?burn brightly? in my world: those who are living the life, doing what it is they do and liking it, instead of targeting the sheep?s rear end in front of you and never looking at what surrounds the obvious and easy path.

brendan works under the name 'saketrick'


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