Sunday, May 09, 2004

We celebrated my daughter's 14th birthday last night. Christi came up with the COOLEST idea for a party. We hired Joe Ann's favorite local band, Next Best Thing, to play a private show. We rented a local party room (no clean up!!!), decorated it like a club with lights & a stage, and Christi even printed tickets to send in the invitations! Party time arrived, and it was a total success!! The band, btw, is very very good. John Griffin is producing their second CD at the moment. I've heard that they have scored some cool endorsements and are planning a multistate tour in their new RV. Way to get busy, NBT!

Check them out at

After the show, some of our parent-buds and their kids came to chill at Casa Workman. We started listening to Wilco, but the topic of conversation turned towards what I was working on at the time (everyone noticed how burned out I looked, so they knew my story would have some drama). I started telling them about The Googe and the 'rockestral' vibe we had created, so I slotted the mix of "After All" (posted on the Sound Board). Everyone agreed is the schiznit. This is pretty cool bcs we had just been rocking VERY hard for two sets of punkrokpowerpop at the show. So; Way to Go Googe!


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