Monday, April 19, 2004

Much tiredness, BUT life is good.

Biggest news: We started day one of Southern Backtones Mixing. It went long. We moved in and out of The Zone. We started to do some 'subtractive arranging' which worked great (removing parts). We spent a while on the snare sound (bad idea: it was already good). We roughed in the main vocal. We dealt with guitars. We started to listen with the orchestral submix. We compressed the sh*t out of that. We worked. We got tired(er). We burned references. We went home.

The next day was Saturday. Stevel, Jason, and I got there early. I took Steve out to the picnic table in the SugarHill park. It was sunny and nice. Steve looked like hell in the light. I'm sure I did too. I began what I thought was going to be a long talk where I tried to convince Steve that we were too tired to mix,.. too burned,... to close to the material,...that it was time for a break to rest and get some perspective. Before I got 30 seconds into my diatribe, Steve said, "Let's call it! Great idea! I'm TOTALLY waisted, and, (here's the closer,...), yeah I listened to our mix from yesterday AND IT SUCKS" The man spoke the truth. So we called Hank and Mike, explained the situation and then met John Griffin and Leigh Crain over at Intern Heba's house in Pearland for some home cooked, vegetarian Egyptian food. After our meal, we fellowshipped and tripped out on fatigue toxins on her back porch. It was great. We rescheduled the mix for the second week of June. The project is incredible and deserves the best. Now we will close it right.

On the following week, we tracked basics for The Googe. I haven't had that much fun in a tracking session in quite a while. The band was superpro in that they were patient with the process. Bobby laid down some killer drum parts, and we got SOLID bass performances from Brian. Now the 'B Boys' are out of the way, having laid down a high performance challenge for vocals and guitar. We tracked while listening to the orchestral parts Kevin Ryan has cooked up for us. They kept us inspired and on tempo as well.

We've cut the guitars already for Sound Breaking Ground (see why I've been a bit tired?), and we will start vocals tomorrow. Channing is going to get run through the wringer tomorrow. But I'll try to be kind.

I had something happen today that I have never heard of before. Logan had sent some of our work to be reviewed by a local music critic. The person wrote back to say he was not a fan of that particular type of music, and then (get this!) went on to comment at great length about what a piece of crap the CD was!!!!!!!! Wow! Good thing he didn't like that type of music, and, oh yeah,.. that he didn't want to review it in the first place. Poor man was confused! Let's review the correspondence a BIT closer,.... um, yeah right,... he doesn't like that kind of music,.. yes, and, uh,.. oh yeah he's not going to review it,... um BUT, HERE"S YOUR OWN PERSONAL REVIEW SO I CAN TELL YOU IT SUCKS, LIKE, IN PERSON.

I'm stupified, but enlightened.

Here's to The Googe, Sound Breaking Ground, and The Southern Backtones!

I'm out,


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