Monday, November 22, 2004

(the other) Dan Workman/Christine Wu

No, I'm not talking about a Mr. Hyde personality, I'm referring to my namesake and co-conspirator in the music scene, (J.) Daniel Workman, bassist extraordinaire.

Dan came to my attention many years ago. People would ask me why I had played bass with some band, or that they heard about 'my' jam session and were hurt that I didn't invite them. I finally figured it out: there was ANOTHER musician named 'Dan Workman'.

I have had the honor of sitting in on Dan's jam session. He is way over my head as a player (true!). He is in a band called Mirror Image, that I am hearing about from several different sources.

Click on the link and check them out. I'll be going to the Dan Electro's show on Jan. 7th. Just maybe, I'll get to work with them in the studio. More will be revealed.

Can you say: 'Christine Wu'? Well, hell yeah you can.

Christine is an accomplished violinist with the Houston Symphony who is open-minded enough to want to work on some avant-ambient tracks with me.

The plan is for us to come us with some material independently and merge ideas a few weeks later. We've been feeding each other some references and I think I may know some guys who are highly evolved enough to perform with us in the studio.

More will be revealed (again).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world would be a better place with two of you. :) (Three might be pushing it though...)

7:09 AM  

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