Saturday, November 13, 2004

PopStars and Sarah Sharp

I talked to Sarah Sharp today who was in Greenville, SC on tour. Her song 'Run' is going to be the song of the day (AGAIN) on, tomorrow, Sunday the 14th of November!

Between Sarah's earlier Track of the Day honor, her charting as #1 in the Most Original Pop Song category, and The Southern Backtones Track of the Day, I am ONE PROUD PAPA!

That feeling started during my PopStar vocal session yesterday. Blythe was unable to make it because she was in a show, (We missed you, Blythe!), so Tess and Taylor and I got busy.

First on the agenda was to meet with Kevin Ryan. Kevin is going to be working with me to write a pop rock song for the girls to sing (separately,.... they are soloists, you know).

Logan dropped by to make sure we were doing OK:

After Kevin left with his notes in tow, we busted out the gear to record some test vocals on a very cool R&B song by the songwriting team of Owen and Lilly. Mathew Knowles signed them to a publishing deal, and Music World/Sanctuary's Operations Director, Sly turned me onto their work. We did a song entitled, "Half a Man". The girls did well, but I don't think either Tess or Taylor, or Blythe, for that fact, would be best suited for R&B development.

I was not aware that Tess had never sung in the studio before! She was totally freaked out, but she went for it like a pro. I was super proud--both Tess and Taylor were very supportive of each other while they were under the gun. Both of the girls ran the console for me while I worked with each one at the mic. These ladies are showing some some skills!


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