Monday, March 14, 2005

Caro Sings and Yamisse Guidry Visits

Carolina and I finished our first four days on schedule and we are very pleased. One song was in a really low key, called "Anti Hero" (my bad on the key,.... it would have really helped to be a half step up,..), but Carolina pulled it off like a pro.

I'm listening to the rough mixes this morning and I am really happy. Carolina, Kevin, and I all wrote the lyrics this time, and I had a real epiphany while writing: once I started thinking lyrically, I just haven't stopped. I'm writing a new song right now about the space race in the 60's. More will be revealed.

While we were working, Yamisse Guidry and her sister/manager Brianna came by to hang out and meet Carolina. Ralz Mathias is working away writing lyrics for Yamisse at the moment. Our tracks are from the Bama Boys, so they are the schiz-nitty.

Yamisse, Carolina, and Brianna:

Logan, Devon, Josh and I are heading up to SxSW tomorrow. I am so proud of our line up. Our shows are going to be the total schiz-nitty, too. Hope to see you there,...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the first 100 get a drink on you - I darn well hope you clean your belly button first because I don't want to get lint when I suck my tequila shot outta your belly button. Unless someone requests a 'Fuzzy Navel'.

Oh geesh, did I say that? I need sleep. I know it's going to be a kick-ass event and I wish I could be there to support ya. (Afterall, Lost is a rerun this week!)

I'll be there in spirit compadre.
And you better break out something green on Thursday.

2:02 PM  

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