Tuesday, May 17, 2005

After editing Yamisse's vocals, I met with John Evans about starting a producer manager company. Basically, we would front office productions for other producers. John Evans, and John Griffin would be our guinea pigs. John didn't turn down the free lunch to talk about it, so we might try it out soon. I'm pumped! I have been approached by producer managers over the years, but I never found the right one. Now, I have Logan and Devon, who kick major ass as my support team (along with running another whole division of the company). Soon we might have another hand in the game!

Christine Wu and I met to do an arranging session for our performance art piece. I am really enjoying working with 'Wu'. She has a great personality, and is hyper talented. Happy Day!

Modern day arranging session:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking some "Dan Workman Music" boxer shorts would be a great marketing tool.

Especially if you modeled them.

(Thought I'd make you chuckle...I'm imagining your pastey white knobby knees that I've never laid eyes on.)

8:13 PM  

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