Friday, May 27, 2005

Three Songs Done for Yamisse

I'm home, tired,.... totally baked, actually, but satisfied. Day two (out of three) mixing the song, "Sometimes" really became a chore. The session file was corrupted and we had to reboot way, way too many times. We got the song, and I suspect that it is better than I feel about it at the moment. Steve and I had to stay way too much in the 'technical' side of the mix process. Listening to that song on the way home, however, revealed that we had done a much better job than I had thought. The fight with the computer just colored our perceptions, (and wore us out).

Today's song went great, and the computer percolated along, fat, dumb, and happy. Ralz got to help out with the mixing chores, and his imput was welcome. Steve nailed the low end with a couple of new tricks. Props to the Bama Boys who wrote and recorded our instrumental tracks. They were kickin' and the sounds were very, very good.

Here's the highlights reel of the sessions:

Here's Steve, myself, and Ralz. Tired but happy:

A couple of shots of Yamisse at the mic (U47), and at the console on Mix Day 1:

Ralz calling the shot:

Yamisse's little brother, Harold the Third came to visit. He looks like he's ready for the producer's chair, himself!

I'm out for tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it kill you guys to smile or are you out for that "I'm a badass" look?

6:43 AM  
Blogger dan said...


We are smiling!!!! That's tired smile!

7:34 PM  

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