Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quick Thought and a Eulogy

Stephen St. Croix is a name that will NOT ring a bell unless you've been reading his column in Mix Magazine, and before that, Recording Engineer and Producer, for the past 20 years.

Stephen was a mentor of mine, and I mourn his untimely passing. Read about it here.

Here's my quick thought:

Maybe, just maybe, the whole idea that record labels ever supported and grew 'baby acts' into 'amazing bands' is just so much revisionist history. Maybe the REAL deal is that in the old days, bands actually had to be incredible performer/players in order to get any attention. What looked like a patient investment to us now, is in fact, the naturally slower pace of a pre-internet,pre-personal computer,world.

I know this is going to sound like so much 'old man perspective' bulls**t, but it's worth considering.

The picture is for Stephen St. Croix, and my cousin Ann Murry, who both passed this week.

May you both rest easy, and continue your good work where ever you may be...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mucho the love-o back at ya.
You've been on my mind.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous nullfactor said...

In the old days, bands had to be incredible performers to make it... very much agreed!!! Nowadays, it seems, though, that the MTV-minded generation will accept crap from any old pop-star-wannabe... and that is who gets the label's attention, because that's what feeds the needs of the masses. Leaves us "real" musicians out of the loop... ;) Um... not that I'm a "real" musician, or anything.

Great post.

+dan (from [null factor])

9:22 AM  

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