Friday, March 06, 2009

Southern Backtones new video: Slumber Party

The Southern Backtones (no strangers to this blog), just released their second video, Slumber Party. This is another mad collaboration between zenfilm's braintrust, Ross Wells, and SBT's lead singer, Hank Schyma.

The song was engineered and mixed by Steve Christensen, and I produced, sang backing vocals and played mucho SK-1. The song is a psycho-ballad about,... well,... sex. Ok. I know that this probably comes as a great surprise, and I apologize in advance for the subject matter.

The video is PG-13, however, and features a few fleeting glimpses of moi, producerboy, hammering it out on the SK-1.

Ross and Hank have made their (now usual) genius moves. I think that you will enjoy.

Southern Backtones "Slumber Party" Music Video from W. Ross Wells on Vimeo.


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